Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 3, Episode 5

This one was played partly for laughs.

Michael is bailed up by a mathematical savant, who has worked out what he is and will shout it to the world if he doesn't get some sort of assistance.

He turns out to believe in aliens, and has the theory that there are bad aliens who are killing good aliens, and that his boss at the place where he works watering the plants (he's escaped from psych wards multiple times, and in fact spends most of this episode on the run, so can't get a job doing what he does best) is one of the bad aliens.

Sam and Michael work out from new clippings that he collects which bear out his theories that good aliens = covert operatives. It turns out that his boss is working against the state department for money and is causing American operatives to wind up dead.

Michael pulls his fake identity trick to make her believe that he's on her side and working for their superiors to keep the whole thing a secret, then when he gets what he wants locks her in the vault and delivers her to the authorities anonymously.

Sam absolutely nails it as the falsely cheerful team work specialist, whose name is unsurprisingly Charles Finley (I don't think Sam ever used another cover name). I've seen people like this at work places and he was dead on.

Fiona is really the only person who can deal with Spencer (the conspiracy theorist, who amusingly enough was played by an actor named Michael Weston). She treats him rather like a small child, which is how he acts a lot of the time.

Fiona also points out to Michael that his attempts to get his old job back is going beyond trying to clear his name, it has become an obsession. She also fears that if he gets it back that's the end of any chance they have of rekindling their relationship.

Michael does manage to make a new contact in the CIA, and while he doesn't rule out things changing for Michael, he really doesn't think the situation will alter that much. There is however a glimmer of hope.

Paul Tei (Barry the money launderer) is in the show so much this season that he really should get an opening credit, rather than a guest one.

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