Sunday, November 16, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 4, Episode 4

For the first time this season we had definite separation between the team. Fiona and Jesse are working one job involving a recently deceased gun runner, while Sam and Mike do something different and completely unrelated.

This is what the addition of Jesse allows for. With a 3 person team it's hard to have 2 groups (I guess you could include Maddie, which makes it a 4 person team, but she's not really a 'field agent' most of the time), but with a 4th member you can do that.

Jessie and Fiona had to go to the Bahamas to find and identify the body and they took the opportunity to have a bit of fun. Fiona was letting people buy her drinks and Jesse was doing body shots on a nearby table.

Once Jesse and Fiona get back to Miami, Sam has a gig he wants Michael to help him with. He says it's not a job, and in the sense that they're not getting paid for it, it isn't, but in every other way it so is.

Unfortunately what starts out as an effort to help a friend who was ripped off by an unscrupulous con artist turns into a hostage situation for Sam and Michael.

They're so locked down that while Michael can rig a line out and get some minor assistance from Jesse and Fiona on the outside most of the time he and Sam are on their own. They have a multiple issue situation. They have to bring Sam's friend down from his revenge trip, he's not that kind of guy, he didn't even load the gun he went to heavy the con artist with. Then they have to find the money the scam artist stole and convince his secretary what a creep he is and once the siege is broken hope she'll lie and not drop them in it.

Jesse and Fiona also hit a dead end when trying to break into the dead gun runner's place. They were stymied by his ultra watchful neighbour.

Once Michael's job with Sam has been done and dusted. The bad guy put away and they set Sam's friend up with Barry to help him manage his own finances and that of the charity whose money the scam artist stile, he helps Jesse with the gun runner.

They have more luck breaking into the place, but it's clean and no sign of the information they want, which I think will at one point lead them to either Simon or his current employer.

In a nice bit of continuity Michael uses his fake FBI id from the previous episode as well as the name of the agent he was impersonating then to question the neighbour and that's when alarm bells start ringing.

Michael sees pictures in her unit, but none with her in them. Jesse then wonders why someone with a body like hers would run covered up in hot weather, unless she was trying to hide some visible scars that were left when she killed the gun runner.

The two of them bust in on her and she can't get away with what she had hidden in the wall, but she personally makes an escape, although what they find in the wall will get them a step or two further with their own investigation. I can't help but think we haven't seen the last of the female assassin either, she's too devious and dangerous to waste on a one episode cameo.

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