Monday, November 17, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 4, Episode 5

A more traditional sort of episode in terms of structure. Mike works one job, mostly related to tracking down Kendra (the kick ass female assassin) and getting the information that is on the tape they found at the end of the last episode, because it's old tech and no one can crack it. He does some of this with Fiona and some with Sam, I don't recall seeing Jesse involved, and at the same time is white knighting with the rest of the gang.

The main job is protecting a free medical clinic from a nasty drug dealer (played with relish by Rhys Coiro, who will always be maverick avant grade film director Billy Walsh from Entourage to me). Jesse and Maddie actually got that job. This plays well with Jesse's background and his sense of fair play. In fact they later use a clip of Jesse from this episode when he makes the opening credits. Maddie seems to have developed a social conscience over the time the show has been running, and I like that, but this season so far she's become very preachy and that's at odds with how she usually presents herself. Fortunately I don't think this particular version of Maddie lasted all that long. She does have a soft gooey centre inside a hard shell, but at the moment she's more goo than shell.

Unfortunately the guy running the clinic is an idiot who doesn't like Michael and won't take a backwards step even when that's the right thing to do and will ultimately make Michael's job easier and keep the clinic open and drug dealer free long term.

Sam takes a beating when doing some reconnaissance and shows that he may be old and out of shape, but he's still got what it takes when he has to. Man has some skillz.

There was a cameo from Michael's former neighbour and drug dealer Sugar to get them an in with Vince (Rhys Coiro) and explain how things worked. I'm not really sure why he was in the episode to be honest. He didn't give them anything they couldn't have found out and while they brought him in to get them a meet with Vince he didn't do that either. Maybe it was easier to use a character that the viewers were familiar with than create a new one.

There was little doubt that Michael and his team would see Vince and his crew off. They did give the doctor at the clinic a chance to be a hero, though and Fiona got to blow lots of things up. There was a nice comment from Jesse about how many explosives she had and how they were using all of her explosives and she said, 'If you think this is all I have then you really don't know me very well.'

Kendra was interesting, she clearly knows her spy stuff and she knows about Simon, but they can't find anything on her or where she learned what she knows. They do eventually get her and her information, but it comes at a cost, she manages to slice open Michael's arm and not many can do that. She's also partial to a knife rather than a gun, which is unusual in modern covert affairs.

We haven't seen him yet, but it looks like Simon may be returning as a thorn in Michael's side this season.

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