Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 4, Episode 6

The dynamic of the two teams that the addition of Jesse allows for was altered for this one. Michael and Fiona worked predominantly on the main story, while Sam and Jesse teamed up to interrogate Kendra for information on the overarching story.

The guest cast list for the main story was of interest to me, it featured the name Alan Dale. Alan Dale is an actor from New Zealand, who had success in Australian soap operas before heading overseas, where he's worked fairly steadily playing politicians, senior military officials and hard edged businessmen. Given that before upping stumps and heading for the bright lights of Hollywood, Dale was best known for his role as semi retired suburban engineer Jim Robinson in Neighbours, I always find it odd that he's cast in those roles, because to me he's always Jim from Neighbours. In this he was in his businessman role and he was the guy who had purchased a sword belonging to Alexander the Great that was about to be stolen by someone who had targeted Michael's client.

After nearly killing the client; a rather effeminate, inoffensive character who specialised in making high quality replicas of high priced designer items like shoes (in fact I think Fiona collected their payment in knock off Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks), a few times, it works out that the 'thief' is actually a patsy being used by Alan Dale's character's head of security. In fact both villains in this episode, Kendra being the other, were female, proving that espionage and double crossing is not a male only area.

Kendra is very on edge mentally, prepared to severely injure herself rather than offer up any useful information. She finally tries to turn Jesse, and in return for her release gives him what he wants in terms of information and the promise of significant financial return. That allows Barry access to her finances and she winds up believing she's broke. It also lets Sam give the FBI the details of her activity. They get more pieces of the puzzle and Kendra winds up heading for federal custody. She went down a little easy for mine.

It was a standard episode, but Michael and Fiona did have fun with their part of it.

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