Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 4, Episode 12

The fall out from Jesse finding out that he had been betrayed by his new best friends continues. Having Jesse Porter on your back is not a good thing. The guy is a trained counter intelligence operative, who has put in time in the field, so he's got that skill set, and having worked with Michael and his 'posse', he knows how they operate and a number of their tricks. Factor in Sam's eventual liking of Jesse and Fiona's conflicted romantic feelings and it's a great big mess.

Michael continues to set up a meet and greet and possible exchange of the Bible with Barrett, and keeps Vaughan in the loop on that. I'm not entirely sure what game Michael is playing there, but I don't think he plans to give Barrett the Bible or Vaughan Barrett.

While he waits for that to happen he takes on a job involving a highly paid lawyer, who does work fro drug dealers mostly. The lawyer's daughter has been kidnapped and he wants her back. Michael is one of the few people who can do this for him. The daughter is listed as the client, not the lawyer. If it weren't for her being young and helpless Michael wouldn't have taken the job.

The kidnapper is played by Michael Rooker, who is best known for his portrayal of Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead. Quite apart from the fact that Dale (the kidnapper) sounds and looks like Merle, he's almost exactly the same character, played in the same way, he even has a brother he's quite protective of (in fact he kidnapped the girl because her father failed to keep his brother out of jail), so I couldn't shake Merle out of my head. I'm sure that there's a fanfic out there somewhere that uses this episode of Burn Notice as it's premise and poses that Merle went from kidnapping and crime in Miami to finding himself in the middle of a zombie plagued Atlanta.

You know Michael, Sam and Fiona will get the girl, and they do, although Jesse shadows them every step of the way. He claims that it's not just about Michael burning him, so not sure what other game he could be playing.

As payment for recovering the lawyer's daughter Michael takes the submersible that his shady customers use for transporting their cargo. It seems to have something to do with his exit plan involving Barrett, the Bible and Vaughan.

Vaughan turns up at the meet and that throws Michael's plans into disarray, to make matters even worse so does Jesse. Believing that he's been double crossed Barrett tries to take Michael hostage and that's when a shot from Jesse rips through Michael's shoulder and takes out the guy holding him.

Barrett still manages to get a bleeding Michael into his car. In an act of desperation Michael wrenches the wheel to one side and rolls the car. He gets out. Barrett is bleeding from the head, unconscious, possibly dead and weak with blood loss Michael can't reach the Bible, as he blacks out a booted foot appears, a hand reaches down and takes the Bible. My first thought was Jesse, but I suspect that's not the case and someone else has just entered the mix.

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