Monday, December 8, 2014

Burn Notice, Season 4, Episode 13

Episode 13 is very much like part 2 of Episode 12.

Barrett, as I had expected, was killed in the car accident. I found that a little odd, for a couple of reasons. It was an almost criminal underuse of Robert Patrick (a fairly popular actor in genre TV), and with his business interests and attitude as well as resources, Barrett could have been a serious thorn in Michael's side and a worthy adversary.

Someone, unknown at this stage, got hold of Simon's Bible, and that to Michael is a major problem, because that coded book is a recipe for disaster on a major scale.

For about the first time I can recall in the series Michael wound up hospitalised for more than a few hours being patched up. He was actually unconscious for a few days. He releases himself early, and the only real concession he makes to his injuries is that he allows Maddie to move him into her place and mother him a little.

As Michael walks out of the hospital there's an influx to emergency to an explosion down town. It's reported as a gas leak, but Sam and Michael know better. When they find out who is caught and almost killed in the blast the pieces fall into place.

It also killed off my fanfic idea involving Merle Dixon. He died in the blast (although we never saw the body, so he could have changed his identity and gone to ground in Atlanta. Merle was a great survivor until the zombies got him).

Who wanted Dale dead? Adam Scott, the slippery lawyer, whose daughter Dale kidnapped.

Michael confronts Scott and finds out that he put a mad bomber by the name of Dennis Wayne Barfield on the case, with instructions to blow up everyone involved in the abduction of his daughter.

Barfield, even if the name doesn't give it away, exudes serial killer. James Ransome's performance made me think of Finn Wittrock's Dandy Mott in American Horror Story: Freak Show, and he's also a serial killer.

Initially Michael pretends to be a worshipping weasel, it doesn't really do a lot for him, but he does find out a few things. Barfield isn't particularly good at the bombing, he's not mentally stable and he uses substandard equipment and methods, which means he doesn't care about collateral damage as long as he gets to blow things up. He's also fairly sure that Scott has lost control of him.

Despite that he does try to convince Scott to call him off, and when he does that Barfield kills his employer, Barfield is a trust fund kiddie, so doesn't need the money and has never worked in his life, that's another thing that makes him very dangerous.

Jesse rejoins Team Westen, he still hates Michael and that will be looked into down the track, but getting that Bible back is very important and has further ramifications than Jesse's personal feud with Michael.

Vaughn (apparently I've been spelling his name wrong) also wants the Bible, but Michael makes it very clear that he won't work with him anymore and he agrees to back off, although I doubt he will.

Barfield is stopped, although I was a little disappointed that Scott got killed, because I felt he had potential to be a frenemy down the track in future seasons even.

There aren't too many episodes left and the end game has been set firmly in motion.

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