Monday, March 16, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 1

With the lack of closure provided in Season 5's finale, the opening episode of Season 6 of Burn Notice is almost like just watching an extended Season 5. The clues that this is a new season come in the extended wrap up at the start of what happened last season, and in the opening credits, which contain a number of new sequences from various key characters and have included Jesse as an opening credit character. I approve of this, I've always liked Jesse. The end music was also different, much more ominous and less cheesy and like something from the 80's.

Fiona is still being interrogated about her role in the bombing of the consulate. It is interesting that when she surrendered she was unarmed, but carrying a fairly large shoulder bag that could have easily contained an explosive device and while there were all sorts of guns on her, no one made a move towards the bag or asked her to drop it.

Michael is after Anson, and he's not too happy with Sam, because he now knows that had he wanted to Sam could have put more resistance to Fiona than he did. I found it odd that Michael says without Fiona he's got nothing. So clearly Sam and Maddie don't mean as much to him as Fiona. May have been nice if he'd told her that more often before this happened.

Jesse uses surveillance equipment to get a lock on Anson. They deduce he's headed for Cutler Bay to make his escape from Miami via boat. Hard to just stop Anson, but Michael never does things by halves and decides to shut down the entire highway. He steals a truck, has Sam run interference for him in the Charger. We don't often see Sam get to do the fancy driving, it's usually Fiona or Michael, but needs must and Sam isn't a novice. Michael pulls the truck across the highway then sets fire to it.

Trawling down the blocked motorway they spot Anson's car, but a teen in a yellow VW bug says that he left the car there and took off towards a power plant. Just as Sam and Michael are about to give chase Anson rings and lets him know that he can either go after Anson, or try to stop the killer he's sent to Maddie's place.

Fortunately Madeline Westen is far from being a helpless retiree, and while Michael and Sam send Jesse to help her out, she's more than capable of dealing with the situation herself, although she will appreciate the presence of Jesse. In fact it's Maddie hiding in the ceiling with a gun, who shoots the killer when he tries to take out Jesse.

Fiona's interrogator is our old friend Jason Bly (I do appreciate these little touches of continuity where they can). He hasn't changed, still sleazy and still underestimating Team Westen. Fiona's willing to admit that she did bomb the embassy, but not the ones in the lobby. Bly doesn't want to believe her, but he could very easily check if the CIA once had a rogue operative called Larry. Of course Bly doesn't really want to help Fiona. He even tries to convince her Michael is dead using footage of the truck he set on fire on the highway to sell the story. Unfortunately for him Fiona knows her explosions and the story Bly is giving her doesn't match the results on the picture. It's hard to tell from Bly's expression if he's pissed off because he couldn't fool Fiona or if he's annoyed because his own organisation tried to play him.

Michael and Sam break into the power plant and go after Anson. They also get Agent Pearce on side. So happy to see her back. I really hope she doesn't get killed. It's a shame that she wasn't brought into the show earlier. Lauren Stamile and Jeffrey Donovan work well together and the characters provide a nice contrast.

Michael finds Anson trying to cut his way through the fence to make his escape (he'd also shaved his moustache off, and Jere Burns without a moustache just looks wrong. It's a little like Sam Elliott in the final season of Justified, he doesn't have a moustache in that and he should. I have trouble watching Sam Elliott without a moustache). He puts a beatdown on the puppet master, but doesn't just kill him. I really don't know why. In this instance it's a good move because he's holding a dead man's switch wired to explosives in the plant. So if he dies then so so Agent Pearce, Sam and all the others in the plant. They guy always thinks ahead. I did wonder where he got the expertise to set up the plant and how he knew to place supplies in there ahead of time. Did he know Michael was going to block the highway with a burning truck in pursuit of him? Just a minor plot hole that bugs me on a rewatch. Of course Anson could have been bluffing, but Michael didn't want to take the chance. He wasn't bluffing because as soon as he got on his boat out of Miami the plant did go kaboom, but Michael had warned Pearce in time for her to get her people out and Sam managed to free the trapped plant worker and get himself and the guy out safely.

With that news Fiona thinks she's out, but Bly said no. It helps her case, but she is no way innocent and he may not say it, but he will relish any opportunity to put a spanner in the works of Team Westen, and Fiona Glenanne in federal custody is definitely a great big monkey wrench in that.

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