Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 2

Due to Fiona being incarcerated it looks like the early episodes of Season 6 of Burn Notice are largely going to be broken into two stories. One will feature Fiona and her experiences in prison, and the other Michael and the rest of the gang and what they're up to outside.

Because of Fiona's reputation and what she stands accused of, she finds herself occupying a supermax facility with some very unsavoury characters. Try as I might I could not get Orange is the New Black out of my head when watching Fiona in prison. That image was further jammed into my psyche when Taryn Manning (Pensatucky in Orange is the New Black) turned up as a prison ally. The prison sequences seemed to be an excuse to show what a badass Fiona is. She wound up taking out a gang out to get her with two rolled up newspapers. Then her 'ally' tried to kill her, because her family had been threatened if she didn't do so. I'd say Anson had something to do with that. Overall Fiona seems to be handling her incarceration better than Michael is handling being separated from her.

Michael wants to see her, but no one, not even Pearce, can help him out with that. Sam even had to pull every string he had just to get a letter from Fiona to Michael.

Placed between a rock and a hard place and desperate to see Fiona, Michael contacts someone he never wanted to see again. Enter Tom Card. 

There are some characters (Simon, Anson) that you see them and you just know that they're bad news. Card is one such character. He was Michael's trainer. It is Card that Michael gets the yoghurt obsession from. Nice touch, that.

Card is on the surface off it an old school by the book kind of agent, he's also highly placed. He can get Michael in to see Fiona, but he won't do it for free. He still holds a grudge against Fiona because he sees her as part of what ruined the glittering CIA career he had mapped out for his protege. I'd argue that Larry had a fair bit to do with that as well.

To get his access visit Michael has to agree to helping Card take down a psychopathic drug dealer. The plan is to put a transmitter in the form of a pen (and I keep thinking of Q's line to Bond in Skyfall about not really going in for exploding pens anymore) on Michael and then have he and Jesse pull the guy into the DEA's sting operation. Michael has to withdraw, because the dealer's lawyer knows him. I'm actually surprised that doesn't happen more often. Miami's underworld can't be that big.

Card wants them to pull the pin on the whole thing, but Michael backs Jesse and sends him in. The only communication Jesse has is via the pen, which he's not even supposed to be carrying. He does a damn fine job of portraying a crooked DEA agent and in the process outs and gets an actual crooked agent killed and eventually manages to blow a shipment and pull the psychopath in as a witness. Well done 'Agent' Porter. Thanks to him Michael will get to see Fiona.

On the family side Nate is back in Miami and that's because he and his wife have split. Permanent custody of Charlie can't be far behind.

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