Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 3

This episode continues on with the format that was established in the 2nd episode. Fiona tries to make inside work for her and Michael does what he does on the outside.

Now Fiona knows someone wants to get at her inside she has to take steps to protect herself and somehow let Michael know and she what he can do about it. Enter the character of Ayn. TV shows like Burn Notice often take elements of popular films and slot them into their shows. Ayn is a female version of Morgan Freeman's Red character from The Shawshank Redemption. She's the prison fixer, if someone wants something done (like get a message to a loved one) then she'll do it, but there will be a price. As Fiona hasn't been in long enough to earn many canteen credits, then her skills will be payment. Ayn even uses the prison library as a way to circulate amongst the population and delivery system, just like Red in The Shawshank Redemption.

Meanwhile outside Agent Pearce has a dilemma. Anson's still out there making mischief. He contacted Pearce (really not happy about that, because people he contacts often wind up dead) and gave her information that the man who killed her fiancé is now a CIA asset. Pearce wants him dead or at least exposed as a traitor. Michael initially advises her to let it go, because this is how Anson works. He wants to set her up and then use her as another one of his puppets. When it's clear that Pearce isn't going to back down, Michael agrees to help her to keep her free from Anson.

It'll be a job done on the land with the asset's spoilt, entitled son and on the sea when the asset is taking a cruise. Sam says that they need at least 6 people and with Fiona in jail they've only got 4 even if Pearce helps (which she insists on). That's when Michael decides to enlist his mother and brother. Maddie goes along as she always does out of a sense of loyalty to Michael and because she gets sympathy for Pearce when she hears what the bad guy did to her. Nate on the other hand really likes the idea. He shows both an eagerness and a surprising aptitude, which can't bode well for the future.

Jesse once again steps up to the plate and does a sterling job at making the target believe he's suffering from a deadly virus, which is the key to the entire plan. Lauren Stamile and Coby Bell have genuine chemistry too. I don't think they ever did an entire episode together, but I wish they had. They're fun to watch. 

As it turns out the asset is living off the CIA, but also selling secrets to the Russians. So they get both his son and him and no one gets killed, but Pearce still gets her revenge.

Michael goes to visit Fiona. It's a nice meeting with them talking about how they first met in Ireland. That made sense, but I wish it hadn't involved Jeffrey Donovan using his clearly faked awful Irish accent. As Michael's leaving Ayn comes through and gets Fiona's message to him. Now Michael knows this, it will be interesting to see how he deals with it. It's not like he can insert himself, Sam or Jesse into a female prison. Possibly as guards, but I don't even know if that would work.

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