Thursday, March 19, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 4

Although the Fiona in prison story continues, this one is more about the aftermath of the previous season and how it ties into the current storyline.

Michael takes Sam and Jesse on a road trip to the Everglades (an area I felt that they underused in the show over it's seven season run) to make contact with a crooked guard in the prison where Fiona is being held. When they arrive, he's dead, but Rebecca is waiting. Rebecca was the CIA agent working with Anson played by Kristanna Loken. I must admit when I first saw this episode I was a bit in the dark as to who Rebecca was. They run foul of so many people and a lot of them are attractive women with itchy trigger fingers that you do sometimes get confused. I understood it and why she was so dangerous this time.

She takes Sam hostage. In Season 6 a lot of bad things seem to happen to Sam. It's almost like Chin in Hawaii Five-0 (the current version). My wife and I often refer to the show as 'Sucks to be Chin' because bad things always seem to happen to Chin Ho Kelly.

Rebecca's not stupid, she puts a few bullets through the bonnet of the Charger before she leaves, with Sam zip tied to the steering wheel. It doesn't take Michael and Jesse long to fix the damage, but it does slow them down.

Sam tries to get Rebecca on his side, trying to work out why she's essentially a good agent, but working for a snake like Anson. She doesn't give anything away. They steal a truck, but Sam gets a message to the driver for Michael before Rebecca knocks him out and puts him in the boot of her car.

He's actually quite useful, when Michael and Jesse find him, not only does he relay Sam's message, but gives them a route that saves them time.

Rebecca had intended to take a helicopter, but Michael and Jesse arrived ahead of time and sent the pilot on a wild goose chase by pretending to be an FAA investigator. The change of plan sees Rebecca and Sam lob up at a meth camp in the swamp, and she's eyeing off the airboats bobbing there. They put the meth cooks to flight and while Sam is calling Michael using a phone he found along the way and then leaving a fairly heart felt message for his lady love Elsa, Rebecca points the gun at him. We're clearly meant to think she shot Sam, but there's no way the show runners are killing off Bruce Campbell before the show finishes. When Michael and Jesse find him, he's been knocked out, with a nasty gash on the side of his head, he does give thanks it wasn't his chin.

Jesse takes off on the remaining airboat. I love those things, chase scenes are awesome with them. Rebecca has used it as a decoy, though. She was going to blow them up, but Michael and Sam talk her down and find out why she's working for Anson. He's been holding her brother's safety over her. They convince her to help them and they'll get her brother out together. Anson is such a scumbag.

Fiona's trying to buy time to protect herself. A gang of two lifers have already made one attempt which she managed to fight off, but she can't keep doing it. Ayn can work it so that the cells get tossed, their weapons will be found (they use switchblades) and they'll spend a long time in the hole. However Ayn doesn't do anything for free, even for someone like Fiona, who has become a friend. If however Fiona can get someone to retrieve a package from her ex, she'll do it.

Michael and Co are down in the Everglades, so Fiona contacts Maddie. Maddie loves Fiona like a daughter and will do almost anything for her, so she goes to the exe's apartment and asks for the package. He's an unpleasant type, he tosses Maddie out and threatens to knock her teeth out if she returns.

She does, with Michael. Michael storms into the place, finds out where Ayn's package is and takes it, he breaks the guy's arm (he did bruise Maddie's face the first time) and says that's for his mother. You don't mess with Michael Westen's mum.

Ayn is true to her word, but she actually arranges the cell inspection before she received the package, so she does genuinely like the woman she refers to as 'criminal.'

The team of Michael, Sam, Jesse and Rebecca up against Anson, this should be fun.

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