Thursday, April 2, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 12

In a season that seems full of them, this is another important high stakes episode. Michael is using Gray as an asset to get Card to admit to his part in the murder of Anson Fullerton and Nate Westen, and then intends to reel the man in.

Because they were all meant to die in Panama, they have to appear to be dead. In an effort to make this appearance they have to torch the loft. That was rather a sad moment, because Michael's rather unusual place of residence has been a feature of the show up until this point, although the nightclub next door seemed to go by the wayside a few seasons ago. I was particularly touched to see that to make it look real they even burned Fiona's snow globes. I collect miniature houses (Lilliput Lane) and I'd be devastated if I had to burn my collection.

They're also contacted by Ayn. She was released on parole and has hit a snag. She was imprisoned for killing a crooked policeman and another crooked cop by the name of Garza is causing trouble for her. Michael can't risk getting involved going after a cop because it will jeopardise the Gray/Card deal. So Sam teams up with Fiona. They arrive just before Garza, and let her son escape as Garza plants drugs in Ayn's apartment and arrests her again.

Sam bonds with the former prisoner's son, and Fiona is always a soft touch where kids are involved. They can't just openly declare Garza is crooked. The plan is to have Jesse pose as a gang banger prepared to use Garza to help him get to the top of the tree. Garza isn't as crooked as they thought he was. He's not clean, but his intention is to take down a local drug dealer, single handed if need be.

Michael rides to the rescue, he uses explosives and some high powered weapons to save Garza from being beaten to death and gets the dealers to submit to him. This also springs Ayn and reunites her with her son.

Michael goes to see Maddie and finds her packing up. She says she's leaving Florida to live with her sister. She doesn't want to be in Miami any more and she can't understand how Michael could work with Nate's killer. Michael tries to explain hat he's using Gray to get to the real finger on that trigger; Card. Maddie still asks for a meeting with Gray. She tells him who Nate was and makes him think that the people he kills for Card are people, not targets. They have lives and families.

Gray meets with Card to get a confession and Michael works out Card is arranging to have Gray taken out. He rushes the building before that can happen.

Card is surprised to see Michael. He shoots Gray, confesses everything. Anton jeopardised his networks elsewhere and affected his own plans of world domination. Card is just as insane as Larry or Anson. He can't be permitted to live. Yet Michael lowers his gun, watches Card set Gray's corpse up, then when Card thinks he's won, Michael raises his gun and shoots him right between the eyes. Yes! Michael finally just killed someone who deserved it.

Unfortunately this will have major repercussions and it's hard to see how he can get out of it and not take his friends down with him.

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