Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter, Autumn and AFL

There three reasons for this post, and I'll cover them in turn.

Easter - I love Easter. I can't really tell you why. I just do. It's such a special time of year in Melbourne, and that may tie into the other two parts of this post.

Autumn - due to the hemispheres Easter always falls in Autumn. Easter is actually a Spring celebration in the northern hemisphere, that's why rabbits and eggs feature heavily in the mythology of the celebration in the season. Both are symbols of spring and rebirth. Autumn however is a time when the harvest is gathered and people ready themselves for the coming Winter. The leaves turn and start to fall from the trees. However down here in Australia early Autumn is a little different. The weather is still quite pleasant and not too cool, it is almost like early Spring. While some trees have leaves that fall, we have plenty of evergreens (gum trees for instance) that don't lose their leaves and provide a nice contrast.

AFL - this is the time of year when the Australian Rules Football season starts as well. It runs for 6 months and covers 3 seasons: Autumn, Winter and Spring. I have a passion for the game, especially the Richmond Tigers. I was born into a Tiger supporting family, and have followed them all my life. They've tested me sorely over the years, but at the start of the season every supporter is filled with hope, and that makes it an exciting time of the year. Depending on how they go tonight in the season opener against the old enemy Carlton, I may post more about that over the Easter break.

Happy Easter!

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