Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 13

Once Card is dead, another Big Bad bites the dust, and the show has to reboot itself again. 

Alerted by the sound of the shot, Sam runs into the room. He sees Gray and Card dead and notes that Card's gun was holstered, so comes to the right conclusion that Michael shot an unarmed man. Over the past season or two, Sam developed this squeamish side, where he had an issue with anyone shooting someone who wasn't able to shoot back. It wasn't in evidence earlier, and maybe this was because he never found himself in the position of having to make that moral choice. However Sam ran with Michael when he was still creating the legend of Michael Westen Baddest Spy in the World, and surely they must have had to make a few hard decisions then that involved collateral damage. Leaving Card alive would have ultimately caused more deaths down the track. On the other hand Sam could be concerned that Michael has just dropped himself and everyone connected with him in the poo. It just didn't read that way. Besides Team Westen is regularly getting themselves into and out of bad situations, it's a way of life for them.

Because Card had a team on site to take out Gray, the CIA are not long in coming and they lock everything in and around the hotel down. The person calling the shots is Olivia Riley. She is the worst nightmare of someone whose just shot a senior CIA agent to death. She's a competent Bly, Paxson on steroids. Pearce once described herself as a pit bull when she was on the scent of someone. Riley makes her look like a lapdog.

Michael and Sam split. Michael does a 'Die Hard' and makes his way out of the hotel via the lift well, then crashes a car through the back wall of the carpark. He was actually rather lucky that he didn't take Fiona and Jesse out in the process, as well as total Fiona's Hyundai. Sam is trying to make it out in plain sight, posing as a hotel employee. He gives Riley the Chuck Finley alias, but she knows who he is and about his association with her target, so takes him into custody.

Maddie doesn't escape either. The CIA send an agent and police officer to pressure her and let her know that she's being watched. She's the wrong little old lady to tangle with, and almost immediately begins watching them as closely as they watch her.

Sam does what he can to throw Riley and her team off the scent, while Michael, Jesse and Fiona visit his storage unit and arm up. Riley just misses them there, but they're counting on her taking the bait to rescue Sam. Riley's true colours come out at the marina, which Michael, Fiona and Jesse had wired up to create some fairly harmless, but attention grabbing explosions to get Sam back. She orders her team to defuse the bombs and belittles them when one suggests that maybe they should wait for bomb disposal. She'll throw anyone under the bus if it means getting her man. Michael uses himself as bait to expose Riley, Jesse and Fiona get the drop on her and order her to tell her people to stand down.

Michael takes Riley to a remote location and leaves her there. It will take her about an hour to walk back to the nearest road. She says that she'll track him to the ends of the earth if she has to, Michael glibly replies that he'll be waiting.

Michael meets with Maddie at a pre arranged location by the shore. He said it was his father's old fishing spot on the phone, but that was in case anyone was listening in. Frank Westen never struck me as the fishing type from what I heard about him. This incident has decided her against moving, she thinks she'll be needed in Maimi, and now she's sticking around. Shame that Michael and his crew may not be able to do the same thing.

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