Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 14

Olivia Riley is as good as her word. She won't give up on tracking down Michael Westen and his friends. She may not be able to go to the ends of the earth as she promised in the last episode, but she can certainly get them anywhere in the US. For that reason they have to lay low somewhere not in the US for a while. I'm not sure where they really planned to go, but Sam mentioned the Dominican Republic.

To that end Fiona has procured fake passports. Sam's upset that his new alias is Randy Weems (I would be too). What happened to Chuck Finley? Fiona's snapped response is that her fake id person doesn't take requests. Fortunately Sam has sent Elsa to bring him a decent bottle of Scotch. When she arrives (I finally worked out why I thought the actress was familiar. She reminds me of an older, less foul mouthed Debi Mazar from Entourage), she complains about construction work being done at the marina. That triggers a warning in Sam's head and the view through binoculars shows some people trying to look like construction workers who are actually CIA and there's a coast guard boat on it's way too. The only option is to use Elsa's car. She says that they stole it. Sam also has to bid a sad farewell to Elsa, it's best for her if they never see each other again.

Clearly Fiona's person ratted them out. Sam looks up his old friend Dixon and blackmails him into putting them in touch with a smuggler by the name of Calvin Schmidt. This is one of the best guest appearances in the history of the show. Calvin Schmidt is played by Patton Oswalt. Patton Oswalt is best known now for playing the Koenig brothers in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, although he also narrates The Goldbergs. He is perfect as Schmidt. I don't know if he wrote any of his own lines, but referring to Jesse as 'black George Clooney' is laugh out loud funny, as is referring to Michael as 'the most radioactive man in Miami'.

He's holed up in his house because he's in trouble with an ex Syrian intelligence officer by the name of Jabbar, for helping his ex wife escape the man. If Michael and his crew can get Jabbar off his back, he will repay them by creating false id's (he'll even let Sam use the Chuck Finley name) and smuggle them out of the country.

They 'break in' to Schmidt's warehouse and then leave Michael there, making it look like Schmidt has captured him and tortured him. How exactly someone like Calvin Schmidt could get the drop on and torture someone like Michael Westen isn't covered.

Schmidt gets himself caught by going back to the warehouse for something and then Michael has to come up with a plan that includes giving Schmidt a 'truth serum' that is actually a drug that will briefly kill him, but if they can get a fitted out ambulance they can probably revive him in time to prevent his death from being permanent. Luckily Fiona parted with her former EMT toy boy on good terms.

The final part of this plan is Maddie. She's been watching her own surveillance. Riley's too smart for that and comes to her house, makes her sign a document that will put her in jail if she doesn't cooperate, then bugs her house and phone line. Michael uses that to his advantage, calling his mother on a burner phone and giving the location Jabbar is at as his own.

Riley and her people go there and apprehend Jabbar, but they really wanted Michael. She's not happy, and she lets Maddie know that, but as she can't prove anything, she can't action the document.

Sam may not go with the others, he doesn't want to leave Elsa. At times Sam's thinking process eludes me. He was going to go to the Dominican Republic, where he wouldn't see Elsa, or if he could, it would be infrequent at best. If he stays in the US he'll be apprehended and imprisoned, where he also won't see Elsa, or if he does only on visiting days. I'd take my chances offshore. But of course we need Sam to do this to provide conflict and also to keep them in the US at least until the end of the season. We haven't seen the last of Schmidt. They're still in his house until he can organise the passports and transport.

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