Sunday, April 12, 2015

Burn Notice, Season 6, Episode 15

I like this episode largely because Schmidt basically becomes a member of the team, even if it is briefly, and I get to enjoy more of Patton Oswalt

Because of their notoriety, getting Michael and Co out of the US isn't as easy as faking some passports. There's a lot more to it than that, and it requires money. $200,000 per person. Michael and his team don't have that sort of money.

However Schmidt has a warehouse full of all sorts of expensive toys. One of these is a high tech piece of equipment that can help a hard case criminal pull off a big gem heist, and he's willing to pay Schmidt $1,000,000 for said piece of equipment. Of course the warehouse is crawling with police. This is something Michael and his associates do on a regular basis, so they liberate Schmidt's piece of hardware, but it gets shot in the doing and is basically rendered to so much scrap metal.

Michael asks his mother to make contact with Barry (I was wondering where he was when the CIA was pressuring his family and known associates) and get him to fake large transfers to various tax havens throughout the world. Michael doesn't intend to go to any of them and it's not real money, but it will have the CIA and various other secret services throughout the world chasing their tails looking for something that isn't there.

Maddie's way of contacting Barry was wonderful. Tricking him into visiting a local clinic and then meeting him there. Without even knowing it her CIA surveillance team actually drove her there. All done under Riley's nose, while she's threatening Maddie with jail because she threw off her team to meet Michael. They can't prove anything and Madeleine knows it. She's also been backed into a corner and Michael is the only family she has left (they kept leaving Charlie out of this equation, and it was odd, because he became the centre of both Maddie and Michael's world in the seventh season, yet here his existence is ignored). There's very little more dangerous than a pissed off Madeleine Westen. Riley better watch her back.

Schmidt has to deliver the broken tech to a nasty criminal called Thorn. All he needs to do is drop it off, take the money and leave. However he gets cute and talks too much because he's nervous. Then he invents an expert, so Sam has to go in to cover for him. Sam and Schmidt become part of the team stealing the gems, and only Michael, Jesse and Fiona get them out.

Michael suggests that Maddie come on the run with them, and she may even do it.

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