Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Pixar Film Project

Over the last few years during the Christmas/New Year/Summer period I and my wife have done a watch on a theme and I've blogged it. We kind of failed last year during the attempt to watch the TV series Robin of Sherwood, but this year we're going to try the Pixar films.

There is a little explanation required here of how this will work. A few years ago we did Disney films, and we did Brave (which is a Pixar film, but comes across like a Disney one, Merida was even made a Disney Princess) and also Wreck-It Ralph (a Disney film that people think is a Pixar one), so neither of those will appear. We're watching in release order so that means that the 3 franchises (Toy Story, Monsters and Cars) will be broken up by other films in between their various instalments.

When I did Disney I kind of broke the posts into sections, because while they are enjoyable Disney films do tend to run to a formula.

I'll try and do that a little with the Pixar ones and look at the film and how I react to it and cover the cast in a separate bit.

So now that's all done, scroll down and find the first film.

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  1. I'm looking foreard to seeing all the Pixars in a row - I've seen the odd few here & there (The Incredibles seem to be on high rotation on the TV at the moment), but some I haven't seen for years!